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The World’s Leading Manufacturer of Refrigerated Transport Containers

As a world class innovator in the transport refrigeration industry, the Klinge Group provides superior container transporting solutions for a variety of industries. Our containers are built to the highest standards and made to hold up under tough conditions, making them ideal for military and government use as well as for commercial industries.

We provide customers customized options for transport refrigeration when standard products fail to get the job done. Please fill out the form or call us at +1 717-840-4500 to learn more.

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Refrigerated Shipping Containers & Units for Every Need

Providing the latest and greatest in reefer unit and ISO container technology for companies, organizations and carriers is central to our mission as a company.

Our containers are used by:

  • The armed forces
  • Government bodies and AID organizations around the world
  • Chemical and petrochemical companies
  • The offshore oil and gas industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Seafood and meat processing companies
  • Freight forwarding companies
  • Shipping companies

We offer a variety of units for sale, including containerized Military Reefers, Dual Reefer Systems, Explosion-Proof Reefers, Tank Container Reefers, Offshore Reefers, Blast Freezers, Deep Storage Freezers, Quick Thaw Containers, Diesel Generator Sets, Expandable Containers, DNV Refrigerated Containers, and more.

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Transport Refrigeration Containers & Units

20ft Refrigerated Container

20ft Refrigerated Container w./ Integral Genset


Klinge Corporation offers single and multi-temperature refrigeration units for ISO containers. The refrigerated containers are available with an integral generator set for power supply when shore power is not available. Klinge provides commercial and military (designed and qualified to military standards) models of Refrigerated Containers.


Dual Refrigerated Container & Integral Generator Set

Dual Refrigerated Container & Integral Generator Set


Klinge provides Dual Refrigerated Containers with two full capacity refrigeration units. The Dual Refrigerated Containers are available with an integral generator set. The systems are used to store and transport temperature-sensitive goods like chemicals and pharmaceuticals.



Explosion-Proof Refrigerated Container (Model PFR-571 ZII-II)

Explosion-Proof Refrigerated Container


Klinge offers Explosion-Proof Refrigeration Units with DNV containers for hazardous locations. The refrigeration unit complies with the ATEX Directive for equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres such as oil rigs and oil tankers.



Blast Freezer Unit - Model CBU-30

Blast Freezer Container


Klinge’s Blast Freezer Containers are used to freeze cargo to an ultra-low temperature of down to -60°C (-76°F). Klinge’s Deep Freezer Containers are used to store and transport frozen goods between 0°C to -60°C (32°F to -76°F). Klinge also offers a Quick Thaw Unit that controls thawing of frozen goods to their optimal temperature.


Tank Container Refrigeration Unit - Model TCR-109

Refrigerated Tank Container


Klinge’s Refrigerated Tank Containers cool the tanks cargo by circulating brine or synthetic oil around external cooling coils in the tank. This system is used to transport hazardous and non-hazardous liquid chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food  products and beverages.



Clip On Genset

Clip On Genset


Klinge offers new and used Clip-On Generator Sets (COG).  The COG attaches to all ISO containers with all components easily accessible  when mounted.  Klinge also offers a range of under-chassis generator sets.



Klinge Corporation wins Pennsylvania Governor’s ImPAct Award 

GIA_14_WinnerKlinge Corporation was named winner of PA Governor’s 2014 ImPAct Award in the Export Impact category. This award is given to a company that has significantly increased their export sales and number of new foreign markets to which it sells.



Klinge Corporation was also a 2016 finalist in the Excellence in International Trade category at MANTEC’s “Proud to Manufacture in PA” event held on 6 October 2016.