Rental/Lease Equipment

Transport Refrigerated  Containers for Lease

Klinge Corporation offers a variety of rental transport refrigeration units and generator sets to meet your changing needs. Klinge offers weekly, monthly, and long term leases. With an experienced team of technicians, large spare parts inventory, and dedicated customer service department, Klinge provides customers with the most comprehensive, quick, and premier refrigerated container and generator set leasing service.

Klinge Group is also one of the only companies that leases Dual Refrigerated Containers and Explosion-Proof Refrigerated Containers for the transport of hazardous goods. Contact a Klinge Group Specialist Today!


Klinge offers Dual Refrigerated Containers with primary and back-up refrigeration units for lease. The following models are available:

PFR 582Ex 2 150x150 Rental/Lease Equipment

Dual Refrigerated Container

PFR-582: Picture Frame Dual Refrigerated Container
» Two Refrigeration Units – Primary and Back-up
For cargo not requiring an independent generator set, Klinge has developed a new, cost-efficient, redundant ISO Container System, Model PFR-582, which comes with two primary and backup refrigeration units to ensure a safe transport even if a technical malfunction may occur.  The refrigeration system is just 365mm deep, making a maximum of space available for cargo.


Redundant Refrigerated Container w. Back up Power Supply Model NMR 262NMG 115 150x150 Rental/Lease Equipment

Dual Refrigerated Container & Integral Generator Set

NMR-262: Nose-Mount Dual Refrigerated Container
» Two Refrigeration Units – Primary and Back-up
» One Generator Set – Back-up
Klinge’s NMR-262 is the ideal solution for high-value cargo that requires extra protection. The NMR-262 includes two independent primary and backup refrigeration units and back-up generator set. The generator set is capable of powering the reefer unit in case of loss of external power supply or during transport on a truck. The NMR-262 is also available with a satellite communication system for remote temperature and alarm monitoring.


2011 1007 033 150x150 Rental/Lease Equipment

Explosion-Proof Refrigerated Container

PFR-571 ZII-II: Explosion-Proof Refrigerated Container

»Complies with the ATEX Directive
»Available with DNV-certified Container
»For use in Hazardous Zone 2 Locations
Klinge’s PFR-571 ZII-II Explosion-Proof Refrigeration unit design is compact and offers a large cargo area. Every component in the evaporator section is explosion proof (since this section is in direct contact with the cargo area). It is also externally explosion proof, meaning that all components which could create a spark are encased to prevent such sparks from escaping into the surrounding environment.



Klinge offers transport generator sets for lease. Please contact us at to inquire about specific models available.